Six Flags Over Georgia's

Today we got an exclusive sneak peak at the newest coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia, Goliath. Since we are so famous, we got VIP invites so don't hate, thanks.

We check in outside the entrance. At this point, we have already gotten about 14 rides on Goliath. How? LIKE I SAID, VIP bitches.

Brandi joins us and is all, "Look ya'll, I got my nails did for the event!"

I feel so special with my laminate. Finally, a park that knows what luxury is.

Joe: So, Brian. Did you not get a VIP laminate, or......?
Brian: No, they thought I was just an ACEr and not a GAP mod because I have on this shit...this bright, yellow shirt.

Here we have a picture of two ACE members ready for fun and free food.

That drop is soooo steep! SWEET!

So ok, media day. Jim says "Here is Goliath...blah blah blah" Introduces the GM, and "Hi everybody...blah blah blah" and "now let's open Goliath!"

Goliath is "officially open" and confetti sprays all up in the air. You could see it better,
if it was not light blue, you know, like the color of the sky and all.

This train has some of the Ebay winners that paid like, a lot of money to be the first riders. Funny, cause I did not see them this morning when I got my first 14 rides. Oh welllll.

So we met up with a GAP member, Colin Coon, who also represented in the Coliseum of Doom and whatknought. Here we are keepin it real.

Speaking of ACE nerds, Bobby does his impersionation of that famous picture,
"Twink Pointing at Goliath". In this case, twink status has long passed Bobby.
LONG passed.

So yea, here is Me, Robin, Brandi, Batman, and Robin's buldge. Heeeey!

Brandi: Josh, can we please get a picture of Jim's ass?
Josh: Later! We need more Goliath rides!

Keepin' it real and representin' at the entrance to Goliath.

The loading station looks great! Very sweet and luxurious.

This que of death will be completely full when you visit this weekend. Oh weelllll.

At least you have these four nylon stocking umbrellas to keep you shaded.

Hi. I think I'm going to ride Goliath some more, mmmmmkay?

This is the Que Bot...oops, I mean The Flash Pass entrance.

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