Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Great Yarmouth, England

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is about a mile down the road from Joyland.

We met up with our UK GAP peep Daron AKA Dazzle.

Everyone takes a ride on they Disc-O which is always the lick.

Yea, we are keepin' it rizzeal on the kiddie coaster....and whut!?

This is the main reason we are here! This is a scenic railway coaster that is like real old.

No cash! And don't try to sell your baby eitha.....tokens only.

Check out the cool vintage cars.

The brake operator rides on the back on the first car, and controls the speed throughout the ride. It's a lot of fun and pretty smooth for an old wooden coaster.

The drop does not look that smooth, but it is alot of fun.

Translation: Only kids, old peeps with kids, or midgets and retards.

I guess since the two Jims can't ride the Bonanza Horses, they will settle for this.

This was the first "frop hopper" ride I have seen that was this huge! It was sweet!

Yikes! Not another thank you! Hey, is that Joe?

Oh no, my bad. Joe aint that dark. Oops.

Then we all rode the gyneocological stirrups bumper car ride and whatknought.

Sharing tongues is fun.....with friends.

Yea, these glasses really help the 3-D effect.

The glasses make it even harder to walk through this maze of moving floors and black lights. This fun house had some of the most fierce moving floors evah!

Wow! The camera looks like I could reach out and grab it!

They also have this crazy looking log flume with 3 interlocking lifts. The beach just rushes up under the ride as you can see in the pic. Pretty crazy..

Yea, time for free food, thanks. BTW, Kristie is eating a sleeve. Don't ask.

So we had a great day at Great Yarmouth. Daddy Dazzle was they also. Holla!

Next stop, Thorpe Park!